1994 1994 Organized an 'OFFICE Div.' in a NAMMI INDUSTRIES CO.,LTD.
1995 1995 Joined the 9TH SISFAIR SEOUL
1996 Established Formtec Korea Ltd.
Joined the 10th SEK exhibition
1997 Joined the 11th SEK exhibition
Joined the 11th SISFAIR SEOUL
Awarded a Bronze prize in the SISFAIR New product contest
1998 1998 Joined the 12th SEK exhibition
Joined the 5th SEK98-PUSAN exhibition
Joined the 12th SISFAIR SEOUL
Awarded a prize in the SISFAIR New Product Contest (FORMTEC DESIGN PRO 5.0)
Selected as a new software production by Electronic paper
1999 1999 Joined '99 Stationary & Teaching implements Exhibition
Joined the 13th SEK & 13th SISFAIR SEOUL
Joined the 6th SEK-PUSAN exhibition
2000 2000 Obtained ISO 9001 Certification from TUV (Germany)
Joined the 14th SEK Exhibition
Selected as "2000 HIT production by The KOREA TIMES (FORMTEC label paper)
2001 2001 Develop the new software - FORMTEC DESIGN PRO 6
Joined the 15th SEK-SEOUL & 15th SISFAIR-SEOUL
2002 Joined the 16th SEK-SEOUL Exhibition
Joined the 16th SISFAIR-SEOUL Exhibition
Joined the CeBIT Asia 2002 Exhibition(China/Shanghai)
2003 Microsoft Office Online KOREA Labels and Inserts Templates Provider
Joined the Messe Frankfurt Paper World 2003 (Germany)
Joined the 17th SEK-SEOUL Exhibition
Joined the 17th SISFAIR-SEOUL Exhibition
Joined the SHOPA 2003 - Atlanta, USA
Develop New software - CD Design PRO
Reacquired ISO 9001 / KSA 9001 : 2001
2004 Joined the SEK-SEOUL Exhibition
Joined the Korea Pack 2004
2005 Software cooperation with KT (Korea Telecom)
Joined the 2005 Photo/Digital Imaging Exhibition, Seoul
Joined the KOREA PACK 2005
Joined the Mania Festival, Seoul
Over 100,000 On-line members
Opened Label Software Education Center in Seoul
2006 Top item certificated of Label from KSA
( Korean Standards Association)
Product cooperation with Elecom co., ltd., Japan
2,000 participants for Software Education in 2006
2007 Compatible with MS Word 2007 for Design & Printing
Launched Pro 6 Arabic/French/English Version
Joined the Premium & Gift Show 2008 ( HK )
2008 Launched the Best Label software, Pro 7 English version
Joined the Messe Frankfurt Paper World 2008 (Germany)

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