The newest and most effective, powerful software than ever before is Formtec Design PRO 6.
It is developed for designing and printing from all kinds of Formtec Labels, Business Cards, Inkjet Cards, Inkjet Papers and more.

System Requirements

*Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/VISTA
*32MB RAM minimum
*300M of minimum hard disk space for installation
(including 1,800 cliparts and 200 sample designs)
*Recommended Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or later
Otherwise MDAC (pre-loaded in this software)should be
installed separately.

Labels Design

Formtec Design PRO 6 is in efficient use to print various kinds of Formtec labels - Address, Shipping, File Folder, Name Badge and Media. Simply design and apply to a wide range on your needs.
Just print, Feel convenience!

Business Cards Design

Your own unique and attractive Business cards will be created in Formtec Design PRO 6.
Image insert, special text edit and other functions will make you surprise in making business cards.
Also Formtec Design PRO 6 provides sample designs for your convenience.


1,800 clip arts and lovely sample designs help you make charming and valuable cards.
Your recipients will be impressed with your sincerity.


Formtec Design PRO 6 is providing optimal designing tools to make new postcards. Any kinds of image files can be printed and edited with your message in the Formtec Design PRO 6.

Photo Sticker

Excellent design performance for Formtec Photo Sticker! Print your funny photo on a cute and pretty size sticker by Formtec Design PRO 6.

A huge range of 200 application sample forms and 1,800 clip arts.

Design and print the labels easily by yourself what you think and what you image even the cards.

A "Data" Wizard

If you want to label from the data of which is pre-located in your computer (a.e. MS-Excel, MS-Access), a data wizard will show the best and easiest way to get the results.

A "Design" Wizard

A "Design" Wizard shows pre-designed sample forms depend on the most suitable application.
Just click your prefer design forms in the various samples.

Your Design and Editing

When you need your own exclusive "Labels" and "Cards" design, just do and enjoy yourself with the new design function - "Word art". You can make a text row, along with the round of CD or the others' circle!

Powerful Text Edit

You don't need to define area with mouse for inserting new text or letters like conventional programs. Just click on the monitor then insert your text.

Image Edit Function

You can use rotation or sizing functions as well as hue correction and filter effect. With those functions, you can edit digitized image from digital camera or scanner and print out on inkjet paper.

Bar Code Creation

Formtec Design PRO 6 supports the barcode creation by total 32 kinds of methods.
You can create and print the barcode on the label based on your proper use.

A "Report" wizard

You can print a report directly from the saved data in your computer.

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