Inkjet Paper
It revives the colors from the common and ordinary papers. On a basis of Formtec's advanced technology - the optimum surface treatment, extremely quick drying time, effective water proof - exclusive ink jet paper entirely free from smudge and blot.
Also you should preserve your valuable document, such as a presentation, report, poster with semi-permanent. Charming and clear colors start from Formtec exclusive ink jet paper.
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FPM-2570 FPM-20570 FPM-30570 FPM-40570 FPM-30570S
Item # Size (mm) Sheets/Pack Color Word Photoshop
FPM-2570 210 X 297, A4 100 White    
FPM-20570 210 X 297, A4 200 White    
FPM-30570 297 X 420, A3 100 White    
FPM-30570S 329 X 483, Super A3 100 White    
FPM-40570 420 X 594, A2 100 White    

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